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About Us

Story behind embarking of Tech Adaptive

It was the year 2017, our Managing Director, Pradip Patel and Jitendra Patel were wondering about a firm were the whole foundation of digital world could assemble at one stop.

Due to their boundless experience, they were aware of the situation of the technical world. Clients have to switch from one company to another for different-different services required for their firm.

Being CRM(Customer Relationship Management) experts, they have encountered various situations were clients’ needs are not entirely fulfilled. If some organisation provides consulting services then they would not provide CRM services. If some provide CRM services then Branding and Marketing are left undone.

That was the period they decided to have a company that could be customer’s one stop solution. They desired a firm, where their clients could have all the solutions related to various services, customer relationship management and development, branding marketing, e-commerce and many more. They coveted to provide the utterly resolutions so that they does not have to roam for various services at various firms. And on 1st August 2017, we launched a multi-disciplinary firm : TECH ADAPTIVE

Tech Adaptive also offer an extensive variety of information technology services and arrangements that address the technology needs of associations in a mixture of vertical business sections as expanded as publicizing, training, account, medicinal services, life sciences, inn/accommodation, media and amusement, versatile and remote, retail, land, games and wellness, technology, non-benefit and more commercial enterprises.

We are always privileged to connect with out customers and build a meaningful relationship with them by catering customer-oriented services and wholly fulfilling their needs.

Who We Are?

Tech Adaptive is an information technology arrangements organization offering following ministries:

a. Dynamic end-to-end programming improvement
b. Versatile application
c. Endeavour entryway
d. Web application,
e. E-Commerce advancement
f. Specialized bolster
g. Venture portability
h. Combining so as to test
i. Information & Logical counselling arrangements our business area experience.

Our Support:

  • Transparency :
    We actively listen and communicate with our clients.
    Our working approach is transparent which gives our client better usability result and satisfies the client.
  • Ownership :
    We take responsibility of the services or product being provided by us.
    Take the charge if any problem encounters in our product or service.
  • Resourcefulness :
    We make use of every available tool to get the best-fit service for the client.


OUR MISSION is indulging physical, emotional and logical elements in the thread of relation between us and our client-‘A FAM’.
Physical Element: We make them feel our physical appearance by being available to them if they are struggling with the product we delivered.
Emotional Element: We establish an everlasting bond by administering services and maintaining relations by HEART and developing the products and services using BRAIN!
Logical Element: Using our team’s logical knowledge sufficiently, we develop the product as per client’s requirement.

Why Tech Adaptive?

Tech Adaptive is not an army of employees who serves clients. It is an army of TECHers who serve their client-we call them ‘A Fam Member’ with utmost sincerity.

A genuine service providing company. We are passionate purveyors of technical services and about learning new and better ways of providing services to our clients.

At Tech Adaptive:

  • We are completely open to our clients in terms of serving them.
  • We try to conceive the best outcome to the client and come up to all client’s expectations.
  • We render verified services to our clients or customers. We focus on growing clients and cater the best and unique outcome to them, rather just targeting on gaining profit.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our pristine priority.
  • We are driven by our ETHICS. ETHICS not only define us what we are,but guide us to equip purposeful result to our clients.