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Privacy Policy

We understand that when you use our services, you are trusting us with your sensitive data. We take it as our prime duty to secure it and we follow regular updation so that we could manage your privacy efficiently.

Tech Adaptive ensures your privacy while you use our services, consultancy, servers, softwares, website or even when you hire our developers. This policy states that Tech Adaptive involves information like individual/company’s name, email address, payment information or any other information that is related with the previous information. None of our information include your information individually. On obtaining any of your personal information, we will treat it according to our policy.

Our privacy policy is applied to www.techadaptive.com(our website), our services, our consultancy and our hire developers authority that are owned and/or operated by Tech Adaptive.

Tech Adaptive persuade you to read our privacy policy and of every website that you visit.

Information provided by you:

When you ask any inquiry questions via email or call, you provide us with your personal information like your name, email address/phone number or payment information. Even if you have not used our service, we could email you via your email address that was registered in Inquiry box.

We collect information about the services that you have accessed. The information that we gather contain distinctive identity. We even collect information regarding your IP address, date, time and URL that you used for request.

Security and authentication:

We use your information to guarantee that our services are working intently. We update our services to make advancement so that you could obtain your desired values more efficiently. Our collected information is used for analytics and measurement to ensure how our services are utilized.

Information such as your email or contact number are used to contact you directly to get an updation about your requirements or reviews of our services. Your information is completely authenticated and secured from any kind of fraud, security threat or technical error. We do not disclose your personal information to any mediator person for their promotional purpose.

We will always ask for your permission before using your personal information for any purpose that is not mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Note: Our privacy policy is regularly updated to ensure your security and reliability.