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Android Application Development

Grab huge audience with Android Application Development…

Suppose you have opened a pizza-store. This store have got a lot fame in its area. But now you want to make it popular in the entire city, then you need to make use of modern technology! A technology that is accessible to everyone which leads to the expansion of your business.

The best technology that is easily accessible to most of the people is ANDROID…

Any Android based applications are the perfect platform to reach your customer and bring them to you as well. As android devices have reserved their place globally businesses can reach their targeted-audience easily and get popular easily. So, expand your business geographically through your palm…

What is Android Application Development?

‘Android’ is world’s most popular computing platform, which acts as an Operating System as well as a middleware, based on Linux Operating System with rich functionalities.

Android is a layered environment in which userinterface which is a sub-system includes mature and precise environment of operating system including views, windows and widgets for show-casing elements like drop-down list, calendar, edit-boxes etc.

Android is a treasure of healthy array of connectivity options such as bluetooth, wifi, Near Field Communications(NFC), etc. Location Tracker service is also one of the efficient and useful feature of android. Android also supports multiple cameras with ability to capture full motion videos. Voice recognization is also one of the best services in android which acts as a virtual personal assistant.

Benefits of Android Application Development

  • It is in demand: Android devices are having the highest usage in market. The huge market leads to more business’ opportunities.
  • It is free: Android is an open-source and free platform with less entry barriers. SDK also helps in minimizing the cost of licensing and development.
  • Ease in development: Using Software Development Kit(SDK) developers can easily build applications for any type of a business.
  • User Interface can be customized: Android developers can easily put their imaginations and creativity in designing their own UI(User Interface) to acquire more opportunities which leads to a unique and appealing apps.
  • Multi-Network Distribution: Apart from google Play store – a market of apps, android apps can be distributed over several other marketplaces as well.
  • Hardware Compatibility: Android apps can run efficiently on any of the android device with varied hardware configurations.

Features for Android Application Development

  • A robust application framework, which enables reusage and replacement of components
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine for optimizing the mobile devices
  • An integrated browser
  • Optimized graphics
  • SQLite database for the storage of app’s data

  • Supports media as well
  • Supports GSM(Global System for Mobile Communication) Technlogy
  • Provide multiple connectivity options
  • Also have Camera, GPS(location trackers) options.