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Cake PHP Development

CakePHP: The Latest Powerful and Open-Source PHP Framework for Webs Development

CakePHP is considered to be one of the most powerful open-source PHP frameworks and is highly helpful in developing web applications. The websites build on CakePHP framework are simple and perform faster than other applications.

It requires less code and support Model view Controller and Object Relationship Mapping Architecture, which proffer the designer and developer to work together.

CakePHP is widely preferred for web application development for its less time consumption and cost reduction features. CakePHP follows the pattern of Model View Controller alike the other open source systems though being a recent system.

Due to its several striking features, CakePHP has created a specialized space between the developers. Few of the features are :

  • It is completely robust, and MVC structured
  • It supports dynamic translations including the internationalization
  • It has sufficient built-in components for HTTP authentication and CSRF protections, etc.
  • It supports custom extensions
  • It has enhanced console environment
  • It has enhanced caching


  • CakePHP offers flawless functions and attributes that effortlessly help in developing websites.
  • CakePHP can follow Model, View and Controller architectural setups.
  • The open source frameworks of CakePHP enable to deploy and maintain power packed well-featured web applications.
  • With lesser number of codes and development time, CakePHP offers friendly development capacities.
  • With friendlier and flexible licensing patterns, CakePHP offers active development facility.

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